The best and most up-to-date Users Manuals for all our software are contained under the HELP icon in each program. Usually this information is context specific, which means that all of the terms and instructions apply to the currently displayed screen, or are chronological for screens displayed in sequence. Published papers and theses are included below for historical value.

This list of publications is the historical set of Users Manuals for the various Energy Design Tools developed at UCLA. The most recent ones are in the form of papers presented at technical conferences, and are included as PDF files that you can download here. The earlier ones are in the form of text files within the downloadable directory. However none of them are really required to use any of these programs, because all of our design tools are intended to be self instructional. For example in HEED you can click on the Manual icon and see a list of seven different sources of the kind of information that is usually found in users manuals that is instead built into the program or included in the download. The student thesis projects are available through ProQuest, formerly known as University Microfilm in Ann Arbor Michigan.

SOLAR-5 Users Manual, (printed out from within SOLAR-5) Murray Milne, Rosemary Howley Den Wun Lin, Carlos Gomez, and Swapna Sundaram. now over 89 pages, Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UCLA, August 1986.

DAYLIT Users Manual, (printed out from a file on the DAYLIT disk), Murray Milne, Marc Schiler, Rosemary Howley, Cherng-Rong Sheu, Shang-Jean Hwang, Kwok Chan, Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UCLA, 60 pages, September 1986.

DATALIT Users Manual, (printed out from a file on the DATALIT disk), Murray Milne, Olga Popovic, C. Andrew Cooke, and Chris Landis, Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UCLA, 38 pages, 1987.

RATES Users Manual, (printed our from a file on the disk), Burhan Tjakra and Murray Milne, Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UCLA, 64 pages, 1992.

ClimateConsultant Users Manual, Climate Consultant 2.0: A New Tool for Climate Responsive Design, Yung-Hsin Li and Murray Milne, Proceedings of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Technology Conference (ACSA), Ann Arbor, Michigan, January 1994.

A Summary of the Most Popular Energy Design Tools, Teaching Issues, Tools, and Methodologies for Sustainability, Proceedings of TIA 2000, The Conference on Technical Instruction in Architecture, Oxford, England, July 10-12, 2000.

Serves as a Users Manual for HEED, A Drag-and-Drop Energy Design Tool, with Carlos Gomez, Yoshihiro Kobayashi, Jennifer Zurich, Deborah Weintraub, Hernando Miranda, Proceedings of the American Solar Energy Society, April, 2001.